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How will you use your Thermal Tote?!

13 Jan

Thermal tote = initial impression is lunch box.  However, they are so much more than that!  Step out of the box and you’ll find a variety of different uses from holding baby bottles to paint supplies to various cooking pieces (cookie cutters, etc).  If you have kids, they could hold finger paints or for the adult, they can hold all your make up (they’ll wipe clean!).  Use your imagination and the opportunities are endless!

ALSO – don’t forget about the upcoming holidays!  Instead of buying a bag at your local store, why not use a Thermal Tote and personalize it.  Imagine the reaction when they realize their gift bag holding all their goodies is also reusable!  Valentine’s Day, Easter, Birthdays, etc. are perfect opportunities to present a beautifully filled gift bag!

FREE Stuff – Inquire Within

6 Nov

Free stuff you ask?  Yes, FREE!  Thirty-One offers such great products that you can treat yourself to or even think about the upcoming holidays.  The company offers great specials and allows you to EARN free products by hosting parties either in person or online.  Yep, online.  That’s the great thing, you can shop from the comfort of your home and flash the catalogs off to friends, family, and co-workers then point them to my website and you’ve got a party!  Now, I’ve got you thinking – can I only order if I have a party?  NO!  Anytime you need cute, personalized items for yourself or as a gift, just jump online to order!  It is that easy – why don’t you give it a try 🙂  If a home party is something you’d like to try, check out my Nov. & Dec. calendars for an open date!  Week nights are a possibility as well.  I look forward to assisting you in your shopping experience.