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Spring 2013 Catalog

14 Dec

The new catalog premiers on January 4, 2013!!  If you’d like to stay updated with Thirty One, join my VIP Facebook group – www.facebook.com/groups/adk31gifts for all the monthly specials, product info, and more!!

Secret Hostess Event

15 Jun

The event will begin on Monday, June 20th and will run through Monday, June 27th!! During this time, you’ll earn points based on your order, referring friends, etc. Every point equals an entry into a drawing. The drawing will take place on Monday, June 27 with the winner earning ALL the hostess awards!! Depending on the total amount from the orders, this will determine how much the hostess will get in free and 1/2 price items. Visit http://www.mythirtyone.com/adk31gifts  to start listing your favorite items!!

Break down of points earned:

*4 pts for each $100 placed

*1 pt for each friend referred who placed an order

*2 pt for each party booked from this event

Don’t forget – this month’s customer special is the Large Utility Tote for $9 when you spend $31!! These items are INCREDIBLE!! I have 3 of these and am tempted to purchase some more during this special!

Remember, the new catalog begins in August. With a new catalog, some items in the current catalog may be discontinued. If there is a product you LOVE, make sure you get it before it’s gone!

If you have any questions, contact me at adk31gifts@gmail.com!

Happy Shopping!


February brings many exciting things!

22 Jan

February 1 is the beginning of the new Spring/Summer 2011 catalog – what you’ve been waiting for!!!  These new and expanded products with so many new patterns is absolutely wonderful!  I know I keep saying that, but they seriously are amazing!    If you haven’t looked yet or received a catalog in the mail – LOOK ONLINE NOW OR ASK FOR ONE TO BE MAILED TO YOU, you won’t regret it I promise!!

As in the past, every month Thirty-One offers a customer and hostess special.  February specials are pretty exciting!  The customer special is a lot of fun – spend $31 and you get ANY product 31% OFF!!  That is for every $31 spent too!  Soooo, to demonstrate how awesome this special is, lets set up a scenario – in fact we’ll use the image on the front of the catalog.

Free Spirit Ditzy Scarf – $20

Pop Crossbody Purse –  $48

Total                                     $68

***Earn 2 products for 31% off***

Coin Purse Wallet for $24.15 ($35 reg)

Cindy Tote for $46.92 ($68 reg)

Embroidery isn’t included in this scenario but it does count towards your $31!


You can mix and match so many options with all the coordinating prints & patterns!  Of course, you could also earn the Cindy Tote for only $20.40!!  This is 70% OFF the original price of $68!  Now you’re asking, how do I earn this wonderful product at this crazy low price????  Host a party of $450 and the Cindy Tote is yours for only $20.40!!  Remember, there are many different ways to host a party – in your home, at a restaurant, online catalog party or even via Skype!  Contact me if you’d like to hear more information about any of our products, specials, hosting a party or even becoming a consultant so you can reap all the glorious rewards!!

Happy shopping!!



Cupid Shuffle

16 Jan

In just 15 days, the new catalog begins and the excitement is overwhelming! To welcome this new catalog and to allow my wonderful customers to earn free products, I am holding my first annual Cupid Shuffle! How this works, I need 10 women who can sell a $100 order. Only $100! Two or three orders will accomplish this OR you can order products for yourself or for those upcoming holidays (Easter, Mother’s Day, birthday, anniversary, etc.). All 10 women will WIN something – free product or half price product or even a Cindy tote! A drawing will take place at the end of the event to determine who gets what prize! The new catalog will sell itself, so you won’t really have to work at all! I need all 10 women by January 22!! Event begins on February 1 with the release of the new catalog until February 15.  Contact me now (adk31gifts@gmail.com) if you’re interested – you don’t want to be left out!

New Enrollment Kit for Spring/Summer 2011

10 Jan

Begin a new career or add to your current income by enrolling as a new consultant with Thirty-One.  The kit contains over $300 in products and business items for only $99!  The only thing limiting you is your imagination and ambition!

The Thirty-One New Consultant Kit 2011 contains:
Large Utility Tote – Floral Celebration
Picnic Thermal Tote – Impressionist Dot
Large Zipper Pouch – Chains Ahoy
square Utility Tote – Impressionist Dot
Wristlet Wallet – Chains Ahoy
Little Carry All Caddy – Impressionist Dot
Thermal Tote – Floral Celebration
All in one Organizer – Circle Celebration
About Town Blanket -Floral Celebration
Icon Coin Purse- Sailboat
Wristlet Key Fob
Scarf- Impressionist Dot
Fabric Swatch Ring
Stationery Sample Set – 1 complete set of note cards – can be personalized

Contact me (adk31gifts@gmail.com) if you’d like to Join My Team or visit here for more information.

Retired Products from the Fall/Winter 2010 Catalog

10 Jan

With so many new and exciting products being released in the new Spring/Summer 2011 catalog, some products/fabrics are being retired.  The following catalog represents the retired products with one of three notations – the null symbol in red and the two colors: green and yellow.

RED = Not available to order because we have depleted our stock. These retired items will not appear on the order screen in your Virtual Office.

YELLOW = Low inventory; use caution when ordering. You may want to get a second choice from your customer in case availability changes before you close the party.  Low inventory items can change to red status (out of stock) at any time. You are responsible for arranging refunds and exchanges for your customers.

GREEN = Items are in stock with quantities expected to last through the end of the catalog on January 31, 2011. When inventory gets low, these items will change to yellow, so you may want to get second choice options from your customers for these items, too.

Four products are not continuing into the next catalog – City Skirt Purse, Zip Flap Messenger Bag, Super Sassy Sac, and the Accessibility Tote.  If your favorite is one of these four items, contact me (adk31gifts@gmail.com) immediately to place an order before they are all gone!

Click the following link for the file to open and show you the retiring products.   Retired List

2011 Brings Many Changes………….Are you ready??!!!

5 Jan

The holidays are behind us and a new year is now upon us.  Thirty-One experienced an unprecedented sales volume during this holidays last month!  As the saying goes – growth brings growing pains!  Due to the depletion of many items and preparing for the new catalog (appearing February 1!!), many items/patterns have been placed on the retire list. Contact me at adk31@gmail.com to find out if your favorite item/pattern is on this list.  Some of the items are still available but inventory is low, so don’t hesitate if you’re in love with something!!

Many may be disappointed with the changes especially if their losing something they love.  BUT, with the bad always comes the good!  In this case, the good is many new patterns and many new styles added in the spring/summer 2011 catalog!!  This premiers on February 1 and you can earn $$$ to be used with this new catalog if you host a party during the month of January!  You still get all the great hostess benefits but additional $$$ is added!  What an exciting situation!!

Finally, a reminder that January is the annual Thermal Tote sale!  The company has over 1 million totes to be sold, make sure you get yours NOW!  Below is a list of other possible uses for the tote other than just as a lunch box.

1. School lunch

2. Work lunch

3. Snack bag while traveling

4. Snacks for kids’ sports & games

5. To take bottles to daycare

6. Mom who has to pump at work

7. Take soup/gift to a sick friend

8. Computer bag

9. Hot cocoa gift set

10. Cooler for grocery store

11. Wine or other beverage tote

12. Make-up bag (it wipes clean!)

13. Keep medicines cool while traveling

14. Personalized Easter basket

15. May Day basket

16. Snack bag for kids’ play dates, pool, etc.

17. Pool bag for wet swimming suits (it’s waterproof!)

18. Snack bag for pets

19. Sneak snacks in to the movies 🙂

20. Kids’ traveling activity bag – keep crayons from melting!

21. Carry healthy snacks & get your New Year’s resolutions off to a good start!

22. Take your protein shakes to the gym

23. Halloween candy bag

24. Snack bag for guys’ fishing, hunting, etc.

25. Picnic for two

26. Keep on hand for gift bags all year long

27. Farmer’s Market bag

28. Birthdays

29. Teacher thank-you gifts at the end of the year

30. Christmas gifts

31. Coaches, Girl Scout leaders, etc