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Christmas Deadline

7 Dec

Reminder, the deadline to receive products in time for Christmas is December 13!!  It is recommended to not wait until this deadline to order due to the high volume the company will have to accommodate.  So get your butt in order and get your gifts now!

December’s Customer Special

5 Dec

A new month means a new customer special!  During the month of December, for every $31 you spend you can choose 1 of 3 popular items for HALF OFF!  Yes, you read that correctly, 50% OFF.  The items to choose from are the Flat Iron Case, the Mini Organizer, or the Hard Case Wallet.  These products are very popular and greatly appreciated!

  • The Flat Iron Case is insulated which makes traveling safer with those hot irons (flat and the smaller/med size curling).  I love mine which is a better alternative to a wash cloth (my former traveling companion for my flat iron).






  • The Hard Case wallet is so stylish and if you don’t have it slammed pack with stuff, it can hold many cell phones as well!







  • The Mini On-the-Go Organizer works perfectly for holding and organizing your coupons!  This is how I use mine and now I ALWAYS have my coupons with me.  Previously, I’d remember while in a certain store that I had a coupon but where was it – that’s right, at home.  Other uses – business cards (yours or those collected), smaller camera case, a mini wallet, and many more!





Remember, this special is for each $31 spent so rack up on those holiday gifts!


Shop in your PJ’s!

22 Nov

Don’t forget the upcoming Adrianne’s Thirty-One Black Friday event!  Shop in your PJ’s, drink your coffee, and not have to deal with crowds!  Check out the post below to find out all the details!

Happy Shopping!!

Online Catalog Party

9 Nov

You’re thinking “I’d love to earn free and half price items but I just don’t have the time or I’m not interested in hosting a home party”.  Guess what – you’re not the only one!  That’s where Thirty-One Gifts differ from many direct sell companies.  Websites are set up to place orders online without leaving the comfort of your home.  All you need to do is point your friends and family to your online party and TA-DA!  people are ordering and you’re earning free and half price items.  It really is that easy.  With the holidays arriving soon, this is a great way to fulfill many wishes without battling the crowds and this is a great approach to take with everyone.  PLUS, many items can be personalized so the gift becomes that much better.

The one draw back from an online show vs. home party is not being able to see the items in person.  Well, there is an answer to that!  One, if you are local (out of state even!), I can set you up with a couple items that you can show friends and family so they can see the wonderful quality and the sizes (many have questions about this).  Second, a Skype party can be set up.  If you’re already having the girls over for a girl’s night, a Skype call can be set up to exhibit the products and their uses.  A great way to multi-purpose an evening!

Contact me at adk31gifts@gmail.com to get more information!