Tired of Overpriced Fundraising Items????

15 Dec

You know exactly what I’m talking about – large candy bars which will kill your diet, overpriced packages of chocolates/candies/popcorn, candles that you have no idea what it smells like……….ready for something new?  Contact me if interested in finding out how Thirty-One can help your group or organization  raise much needed funds. During the month of January, our wonderful thermal totes (which are our #1 seller, I might add) are on sale for such an exceptional price!  What a great time to get a great product for an awesome price and raise $$$ all at the same time!!  In two sizes, these make perfect gifts for school aged kids, your co-worker, future teacher’s gifts, and/or future birthday or holiday gifts!  Since the item is lined and can wipe down clean, why not use it to transport liquids or to store your wet suit after doing laps at the pool!  Contact me (adk31gifts@gmail.com) TODAY at to set up your fundraiser for January!!

OH, don’t let me forget to tell you that there are many NEW prints for the totes!!  Check them out, you’re going to LOVE them!

Keep in mind, this is NOT the only fundraiser that can be done.  Contact me to find out about other options!!

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