December’s Customer Special

5 Dec

A new month means a new customer special!  During the month of December, for every $31 you spend you can choose 1 of 3 popular items for HALF OFF!  Yes, you read that correctly, 50% OFF.  The items to choose from are the Flat Iron Case, the Mini Organizer, or the Hard Case Wallet.  These products are very popular and greatly appreciated!

  • The Flat Iron Case is insulated which makes traveling safer with those hot irons (flat and the smaller/med size curling).  I love mine which is a better alternative to a wash cloth (my former traveling companion for my flat iron).






  • The Hard Case wallet is so stylish and if you don’t have it slammed pack with stuff, it can hold many cell phones as well!







  • The Mini On-the-Go Organizer works perfectly for holding and organizing your coupons!  This is how I use mine and now I ALWAYS have my coupons with me.  Previously, I’d remember while in a certain store that I had a coupon but where was it – that’s right, at home.  Other uses – business cards (yours or those collected), smaller camera case, a mini wallet, and many more!





Remember, this special is for each $31 spent so rack up on those holiday gifts!


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